Tram des Nations Residency

The Tram des Nations residency was a creative research programme conceived around the extension of the Line 15 tramway in Geneva. A multidisciplinary group of artists was invited to take up residency in the territory traversed by the future tramway, meeting its human and non-human inhabitants. Together, they built collective stories, accounts and ideas that figure on this website and a publication designed by Typical Organization.
Our design derives from the deconstruction of the official identity of the new tramway. Repurposing the graphic elements from the official discours in a critical reexamination seemed to us reflecting well the core of the residency. We created a nonsensical typeface that is redistributing the deconstructed pieces in a new associative order, perhaps evoking the need to undo things rather then doing. The edition is gathering a series of small booklets made by the involved artists.

Visit the webpage here.

Curators —
Fani Kostourou
John Bingham-Hall
(Theatrum Mundi)
Petra Krausz
Diane Daval Beran
(Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain)
Matthias Lecoq

Artistis —
Laura Morsch-Kihn
Feda Wardak
Nadine Schütz
Collectif EthnoGraphic
Alex Hanimann
Serge Boulaz